Beetles and forest fires

Settling into the standard summer in Florida mode – 94 degrees/30% chance of rain. Pop up showers (if you’re lucky) about 4PM; an occasional tropical storm event. I get up early and get all my outside stuff done by 11AM at the latest. Not having enough water in the lake screws up my my morning, after work swim. The warden is making sure I don’t do too much labor for the next few days but I do feel totally normal – all pain, blood, and other inconveniences seem to be gone.

I wonder if they might rethink logging the western forests with devastating beetle infestations? What they’ve been growing or producing for years is fuel. I guess if you’re a true environmentalist, people shouldn’t be allowed to inhabit or even visit the forests so all those pseudo environmentalists who enjoy living in the wilderness are just getting what they deserve. At least if they had been clearing out the dead trees and replanting………………..

Spotted a really big owl on May’s porch yesterday. That’s a very unusual sighting and quite welcome. I haven’t seen any signs of rats since all the poisoning but I have been seeing lots of rabbits and this particular owl looked large enough to handle a small rabbit to me.
Starting to see the Mormon “thing” pop up in the media as it pertains to Romney. I think that had the election not been shaping up to be a tight one, the Dem’s would have kept this issue quiet. For example: seeing the first polls – real or designed – defining the number of people who won’t vote for a Mormon no matter what; Starting to see the late night comedians making Mormon jokes; expect to see: the “documentary” pieces detailing the theological basis, practices, and the Christian/non-Christian/cult pieces – all done as serious, educational pieces; Mormon money – how much is there, where does it come from and where does it go? – maybe a 60 minutes or Dateline kind of treatment; the historical role of blacks and women; and the obligatory fringe, polygamist, fundamentalist groups exposed. This administration is built on a divide and conquer strategy of pitting one population group against another – rich against poor, black against white, white against hispanic, straights against gays. They ran into a bit of a buzz saw with the Catholic Church so one way to take the focus off or redirect at least some of that is to set up another religious group to take the heat. Especially a group who will vote big time for Romney with 100% certainty. Of course no politician will ever come out directly so it will be left up to the media to do the dirty work. I do think this election will be the first ever where the Jewish vote, Evangelical vote, Catholic vote, Protestant vote and Mormons will be lining up Republican. You really have to be an equal opportunity offender to accomplish this but I think Obama may have accomplished it.

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