All lasered up

Ever wonder what a 911 emergency ambulance will cost? Wonder no more. The bill was $916. I’m guessing that between Medicare part B and my Gap policy, it’ll all be covered. I knew it would be fairly expensive because there were 5 technicians on scene and we’re a fair distance to the hospital. Nancy thought it was a bargain!!

Hit the 5″ mark on rain Tuesday at noon – rain started on Saturday. That’s the magic number because my rain gauge holds 5″. The weather folks are saying we should expect a few more inches over the next 3-5 days and I’m just fine with that. So far, this storm has does everything right. It would be great if we could get one of these every couple of weeks for the next 6 months.

Got lasered. When you’re on a first name basis with most of the staff at a surgical center, you know you’ve been there way too often. This was my 4th visit in eight or so months. It takes two of them to carry my records now. We arrived at 7AM and were leaving, sans stone, by 11. This procedure does generate a bit more “discomfort” than the sonic approach but no doubt, this worked. I have to take it easy for a couple of days but that’s about it. So in the past month or so, I’ve been scoped and cleaned out from top to bottom and certified as A-OK.

One thought on “All lasered up

  1. Glad to hear you’re felling better. Y’know, a stretch limo with appetizers &full bar might be cheaper next time you need a ride. Take it easy.


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