Finally some rain

For those of you that think the only place for okra is in a deep fryer or as part of jambalaya, think pizza. We had our first (of the season) okra and eggplant pizza. Exotic and delicious – that’s what I call it.

We were supposed to meet up with some old friends in Altamonte this afternoon for dinner but the weather turned yucky such that it would have been nasty driving on the interstate so we called it off. The folks we were meeting love eggplant so I had gone out this morning and picked enough for the 3 families. The change in plans put us in eggplant overload mode with really no room to stuff them in the fridge for another day. So Nancy decided the right thing to do was to break out a couple bags of previously frozen spaghetti sauce and construct a couple of batches of eggplant parmegian to be frozen for future events and also a couple of eggplant sautes to freeze for future sides. A couple of hours later, we have enough put away in the freezer to satisfy several meals or one big party. Just wonder what the folks without a garden do when the weather gets too yucky to go anywhere?

The yucky was a named storm – Debby. If you were outside of Florida it looked like a big old bad, almost hurricane. We got just about 5” from 7AM Sunday through 7AM Tuesday and some modest wind so it was a good storm- certainly one that wouldn’t have earned a “name” 50 years ago. The nice thing was that what little rain we got came slow and steady so it really soaked the ground well. A garden rain, not a lake filling rain. The forecast, for what it’s worth, is another 3-5” over the next couple of days as the storm very slowly crosses the state from west to east about 60 miles north of us. Cumulatively that could make a dent in the drought. I checked the lake today and it’s noticeably higher, at the bottom of the first rung of the ladder and now totally covering the area where I dug out the muck last month.

Getting into one of the books Chris sent – Gone Girl. As with all the books he sends, I have never heard of them but they never disappoint. This grabbed me on the first page but it’s not a fast read; the kind of book that you have to read intently – no word skipping. I even had to change the XM background music back to the Loft from the Coffee House.

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