Exploring the lake

Went around the cove at our end of the lake with the poke boat and a bamboo pole to get a good handle on the water depth. Looking for holes and shelves that would hold fish while it’s still low enough to find them. I was surprised at just how deep the shoreline is in many spots – 6-8‘ deep within 10‘ of the shore for much of it. Many lakes in Florida are really just depressions with very gradual, sloping bottoms but this lake is clearly a sink hole lake with a distinct shoreline and only a few gradual slopes. With the lake down 6‘ or so, that means there’s plenty of 12‘ deep water very close to shore under normal conditions. That makes it much more suited for deeper running lures than top water baits which I use most frequently.

Got the tackle box conversion job done on a first pass basis. I couldn’t fit all the things I had in the old bag into the new one but a good bit of that hadn’t seen daylight in 15 years. If Tom has room, I’ll gift him quite a bit of the overage.
Joey’s tackle box find turned out to be a gem. Just so happened that Nancy was going over to Cocoa to a quilt shop and Joey was home so she went by and picked it up. It was a smaller version of the same kind of box I just filled – a soft bag with plastic lure containers and lots of pockets. There were two lure boxes loaded to the hilt with Rapala’s, a wide variety of in-line, Mepps style spinner baits, a nice variety of trout spoons, and some tools. At new, retail – at least $200 worth of goodies. The previous owner was clearly a trout fisherman, probably from an area with large reservoirs where trolling is a common technique- like I used to do at Strawberry. The contents included a few containers loaded with flies – not anything I’d use here but something Tom would probably use in North Carolina. There were also a number of jars containing salmon eggs and trout concoctions called Power Baits. I would have no use for those at all and will probably just end up chucking them. I think many of the spinners and spoons will work well for speckled perch if not an occasional bass. And for sure the container/tackle box itself is really nice. I found one item that I had never seen before. I opened a pill bottle and there was a cluster of tiny, tiny treble hooks, probably size 22 or even smaller. There has to be thousands of them totally entangled into a ball. It would be a major task just getting one hook out of the cluster to use. I have never seen such tiny treble hooks. I know they must be for the salmon eggs but can’t imagine how micro the leader would have to be or how impossible it would be for me to tie a hook onto the leader.

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