Tackle, tackle and more tackle

Nancy and I have a difference of opinion regarding the definition of the word surgery. I think you have to be literally cut, as in cut with a scalpel, or it’s not a surgery – it’s a procedure. So when I have the laser attack on the kidney stone, I refer to it as a procedure whereas Nancy tells people I have surgery. That sounds way worse, to me. People send me “get well” cards or religious cards because she tells them I’m having surgery. I’m thoroughly convinced that if she told them I was having a procedure, no concern, no cards. Her definition is that if you are put out, anethetized , that’s surgery.

I’m in the third day of transitioning from my old tackle box(es) into the new one and I think I have another day or two ahead of me. I’m uncovering tackle that I have had in my possession for 30+ years. Joey put me under even more stress today when he called from a flea market in Cocoa with a tackle box “find”. He briefly described the contents and asked if I wanted it for $30. It sounded like way more value than that so I jumped on it. Just what I need, more tackle. What I’m going to do is have Tom come over and we’ll just go through all the excess stuff I have and split it up in some fashion. Now all I need is water in the lake.

Mark is on a trip ferrying a sail boat from San Diego to Panama City, Panama. It’s a 37′ sailboat which seems kind of small to me for such a trip. Then at the end of August he has another job ferrying a sail boat from Newport CA to Aukland NZ. Much bigger boat, I think 75′ but that’s a trip of several thousand miles without much land between here and there. I think the plan for the latter trip is for Joey to fly down to Australia for a week or so vacation with old friends from there.

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