A happy father’s day

Great father’s day. We went to Tom’s where Tina made her now famous chicken enchilladas with the equally spectacular apple cake. She also made a large taco in the shape of a bundt cake. Tom got me a new tackle box – well I guess that’s an understatement. It’s a Gator, orange and blue kind of Gator, bag with five or six individual plastic tackle containers and loads of pockets to carry all the accessories. It will take me a few days of careful planning to transfer my tackle to the new bag. I have soooooooo much stuff in the old bag that I haven’t seen in years that this new bag will force me to sort through and organize or toss. My first pass through the old one included food that could have been buried in there for years.

New Tackle bag
New Tackle bag
Bought myself a new drill for father’s day. I really didn’t need a drill but just couldn’t pass up a “free” one. I have a really nice, Dewalt, 12V drill that has served me well for 5 or so years and would probably do so for another 100 years. Problem is the batteries died and just won’t hold a charge. Went to get new batteries and found they cost $35 each; $70 for the two I need. Or I could get a brand new Hitachi, 1/2”, 18V drill with a matching flashlight and two batteries for $79. Seemed like a no brainer to me. I guess it’s like the printer/ink business – give away the printer and make lots of money selling ink. I have to take a more global view and figure it will cost $75 or so every 5 years to have a portable drill. $15 a year doesn’t sound so bad.

We may have/may have had a gator, the swimming kind, in the lake. The other night there was a boat going slowly around the shoreline with a spot light. That’s the standard technique for gator hunting. Never heard a gunshot so either they didn’t spot anything or perhaps they were using some other, stealthier technique. With the lake so low, I don’t spend much time down there so it’s not likely I would have spotted one unless it crawled out of the lake and on up to the porch

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