My new toy

The prize for the most original birthday present goes to…………… bride. She got me a chitarra and a wooden rolling pin. Not just any chitarra, AKA pasta guitar, but a hand crafted, double sided chitarra. If you look closely at the picture you can see the fine cutting wires. My grandmother used one when we were kids in Philadelphia so this really brought back great old memories. We were having guests for dinner, Glen, Lynn and Andrew, so I got to try it out within an hour of Fedex making the drop. Worked like a world champ and as hard as it is to believe, we think the pasta actually tasted better. Chris and Joey took care of my intellectual needs with new books and Tom got me a new Guy Harvey dress shirt – that would be a blue one with a large snook on the back. What a lucky guy!!!
Got back from the Dr. and got the good news that my PSA is still behaving nicely at 0.8. The kidney stone, however, looms largely and needs some action. I’m now scheduled June 27 to have it laser blasted. We’re wanting to take a trip to the Carolina’s in early July to see Simon at Tremont and the great-great nieces so this gives me about 10 days to recuperate.

The thing that surprises me the most about the large, sugary drink ban in NY, is that they didn’t just bump up the tax on large containers by a dollar or two. Bet California isn’t far behind and suspect they’ll see the flaw in the NY approach. Assuming there isn’t a large scale revolt, I would think a limit on plate size might follow; a ban on “all you can eat” promotions; buffets. I seem to remember a move to ban happy hours at bars years ago – that went over like a lead balloon. Then there’s the new Burger King dessert – a bacon sundae.

One thought on “My new toy

  1. And it was delicious. Thanks for having us we enjoyed the visit and being the first ones to get to try the pasta maker. I think….well I know….Lyn wants one now.


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