Happy Birthday Sombrero

I had a fun birthday party last night. Tom had called last week and wanted to meet for dinner on my birthday so we picked a Mexican place we all like that’s located about midway between us. I was surprised when Joey and Mark showed up since I thought they were both in Puerto Rico. After dinner I was surprised when all of a sudden I was surrounded by a group of singing Mexicans, one of whom plopped a big sombrero on my head and another placed a large, fried ice cream dessert in front of me. I think that was the first time I remember being the actual recipient of one of those restaurant birthday celebrations and for sure the first time I ever wore a sombrero or ate fried ice cream.

Did the last batch of spaghetti sauce for the year. I haven’t done a final count but, suffice it to say, both freezers are full and there should be enough to get us through until next season. We had 16 plants, evenly split between regular tomatoes and paste tomatoes and wouldn’t want any more so that’s a good number for next season.

Something unusual this season – baby pine trees sprouting all over. Over the years I’ve wondered why, with all the pine trees we have on the property, there are never any new trees popping out. We’ve always had loads of pine cones but nothing ever sprouted. I have always heard that pines needed fire to spring loose the seeds and assumed that was the reason we had none but clearly that’s not true – or at least it doesn’t absolutely require fire. We have had some smokey days from fires a few miles away so maybe all the trees need is a hint of fire rather than the actual flames. Or perhaps the drought we’ve experienced for the past couple of years prepares the trees for fire. Oh, by the way, Maple trees too.

We have occasional overnight guests and almost always they’ll ask Nancy what kind of soap she uses on the sheets because the bedding smells so good. When she tells them, they sometimes say that they use exactly the same soap so it’s something else. Then we divulge the secret – we hang out the sheets on a clothes line to dry. So it’s fresh air and sunshine that’s bringing out the pleasant odor. They then usually either say that they would never do that or that they would if it wasn’t against the HOA rules. The other one that cracks us up is when someone asks why we have ropes hanging between a couple of trees – have even had a “what’s a clothesline?”

I find out the status of my kidney stones and prostate cancer on Thursday. It would be nice if they were both gone but afraid the stones won’t go so passively. I’m thinking a drone attack.

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