Cutting back the jungle

Since my urological problems started last September, I have seriously fallen behind on my palmetto trimming operation. They grow slowly so you don’t notice just how much they have encroached on my territory. I was always right on top of them and routinely cut large piles that I ran through the chipper to become the base material for most of my compost piles. With the soil improvements, the garden now generates plenty of material for compost without resorting to the tough, slow to decompose palm fronds. So cutting loads of fronds was no longer a benefit but instead present the problem of what to do with them. I’ve solved that problem by using them to keep down new growth in the areas I cut through to the lake and my health is such that I can go after them with renewed vigor.

Another job I’d neglected for almost a year is getting rid of the green mildew or mold that forms on the porch screen. I use a product called Wet It and Forget It which is a liquid that you spray on with a standard garden sprayer. Very easy job and the stuff works like a world champ. A day after spraying it, 90% of the mold is gone. At that point you can easily see where you missed spots making the clean up easy. With a few days to a week, not a sign left. The other good thing is that after a spray job, the mold won’t return for 6 months.

About 5” of rain so far this month – now if it just keeps it up for the rest of the summer, we’ll have our lake back. It will take this much every week from now until September.

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