Charity Quilt

George made it home last night, all fit and ready. He’s supposed to hold down the activity for a while, until his blood levels build back again – I can identify with that one.

Putting in another 15′ row of okra and 15” of sweet potatoes. Both of these crops thrive in the heat and along with peppers and eggplants, are about the only thing I’ve found to work June through August. Neither of these are favorites but ………
In cleaning out the finished plants, that would be the squash, cucumbers, and rabbit eaten greenbeans, I’ve come across 4 renegade/volunteer eggplants. The nice thing about these is that I learned last year that the fruit comes out exactly as from the original seeds. With lots of plants, particularly tomatoes, you never know exactly what will be produced and it’s disappointing to let one of them grow to full size and then just crater or produce bad stuff so I routinely pull them out. I didn’t last year and the eggplant crop was extended by months, actually until the first cold snap in late December.

One of Nancy’s pet projects is making quilts for the Pediatric Infusion lab at Shands Hospital in Gainesville. A few people in her quilt group make the quilts and then every few months, they take a load up for the kids having to undergo dialysis or chemo treatments. The picture shows a typical quilt that some little boy will cherish.

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