Break in the drought

I should be on a camping trip to NC with Tom and Simon but, alas, not to be this year. Simon has a job at the Tremont Institute (or something like that), which is an outdoor experience destination for young people; ie summer camp. It’s also an internship for Si’s Environmental Science degree program. The plan was for the three of us to go up a few days ahead of his scheduled check in time and enjoy the western NC outdoors. Now I’ll do it vicariously via the magic of FaceBook pictures.

Rains starting, finally. Looks like the standard, late afternoon pop up showers are happening. In the past week we’ve accumulated about 2” which is enough for the garden and enough to, at least, reverse the lake’s downward trend. The storm named Beryl will hopefully bring a few rainy days along with it – 2” more so far. We could use an inch a day for the whole summer but I doubt seriously that will happen. I’m taking a few pictures to record what I hope will be the lowest level ever for the lake. There’s not even a foot of water at the end of the dock – ankle deep to be exact.
Couldn’t stand it any longer so I started turning the compost piles again and scooped up my “last” load of lake bottom. I’m being careful not to stress any of my innards but I think it would be ok to uptick my game a bit. Pulled out 3 squash plants which had given it all for the cause and started preparing that row for the next crop – maybe sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving. The last squash picked were turned into zuchinni bread about an hour after hitting the back door. We really had a great crop and I learned one thing for sure – those plants that I had covered with the insect netting thrived and produced a ton of produce; the uncovered plants simply did not perform as well. This year was an experiment with the floating covers but I’m a believer at this point and will expand their use next season.

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