Another batch of spaghetti sauce in the works. The pic shows the raw material that will produce maybe 12-15 quarts of sauce. I’m not going to post any more pictures of pots of sauce cooking. Just assume this scene is being repeated at least once a week, maybe twice.
Usually we have spaghetti for dinner on the day the new sauce is created but this time it’ll be eggplant parmigiani (parmesan to the anglos among us). The large pot of sauce is net of all the sauce required to make two batches of the parmigiani – one for us and one for George and Barbara. She brought over a large bowl of Portuguese Bean and Kale soup the other day so between us we have a fairly broad sprectrum of food.

I notice one thing different in the ingredients this year is that the variety of basil – specifically named “Italian Basil”. I thought all basil was Italian but this one is right in your face with the identity. By far it’s the most aromatic I’ve ever grown. I have virtually no sense of smell – I can stick my head in a blooming gardenia bush, a blooming orange tree, blooming confederate jasmin and detect nothing – but this is strong enough to burst through whatever barriers I have. parmesanparmesan-2

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