‘Bout dem stones

About those stones I spotted on the X-ray, turns out what I spotted were staples from an operation years ago – so much for my radiology training or lack thereof. Unfortunately, the sonic blasting procedure I underwent two weeks ago didn’t work. It must have blasted loose some pieces or something because there was definitely some debris passed but the big target was left standing – moved lower in the system but still standing tall. The plan going forward is to give it another 3 weeks hoping that nature will take it’s course. After that, he’ll go after it more aggressively with a laser. I think I need that to set a new urinary track invasion record – radiation, cryogenics, and sonic blasts. You really just can’t leave it alone because it does distend the kidney and that’s not something you want, I guess.

Actually a couple good things came out of this whole round of problems. For about 5 years, I’ve been on a very mild blood pressure medication but we forgot to mention that when admitted to the hospital via the emergency room the other day. Consequently, I wasn’t getting it. I never really thought it was necessary anyway and when the doc saw that my blood pressure was behaving just fine without the meds, he told me to just drop them. I also dropped about 10 pounds in the last couple of weeks and that’s always a good thing – well usually a good thing. I think it’s all related because when he put me on the blood meds, I was about 30 pounds heavier and my guess is that losing the weight over the past 5 years dropped my blood pressure too.

Not counting mowing the lawn, I’ve fallen behind on two tasks – muck digging and compost pile turning. Both of these require a fair amount of lifting and I’m not ready to put much strain on my innards. Luckily, I probably collected 90% of the available muck over the past few months so the remaining couple of loads are inconsequential. The big compost pile is well decomposed at this point and just sitting there, even though it slows the process, won’t have any impact at all when I need it towards the end of the summer. It just takes lots of self control to not pick up the pitchfork and attack the pile every time I pass it. I’m going to give it all another week and then ease back into my daily routines. I personally think I could mostly deal with it now but my bride doesn’t think so and you never want to get on the bad side of the nurse/cook.

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