Squash casserole

We tracked the graduation ceremony in proxy since all the kids kept us up to date with videos. Not the same, is it – but we did appreciate being there vicariously.

I’m pondering whether or not the toilet would still have sprung a major leak had we gone to Missouri. If it would have, and that’s my analysis of the problem, we would have come home to a major mess, so maybe, in a strange, weird, way the kidney stones – one form of plumbing problem – saved me from another, more conventional plumbing problem. Somehow I spotted the water after only a few cupfulls had leaked out and jumped right on it. But my fix, which seemed to have worked for half a day, suddenly quit working overnight. That’s perplexing because you usually either fix a leak or you don’t. I took it all apart again as soon as Nancy alerted me, about 9AM Mother’s day morning and confirmed that everything looked just fine. I’m going to go by Lowes on the way to Joanne’s today and get some new washers and hope that does the job. I just don’t see anything else that could possibly be the problem. Nothing is ever easy with plumbing and I suspect 2 days from now this will still be a work in process.

We had a really nice Mother’s day at Joanne and Bob’s. Nancy found a summer squash casserole recipe online and we had loads and loads of squash to deal with so……………… It turned out to be a really good dish. Squash is a take it or leave it vegetable with me and more often than not, I am not a casserole guy so I was glad to have this one broken out in a crowd where I could partake or not and get away with it. As it turns out, the recipe also had tomatoes in it and most things with tomatoes fit into my pallete just fine. It’s a “make again” recipe for sure.

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