Gettin’ Much mo betta!

Saturday AM and all’s well. I made another trip to the doc yesterday and they broke loose with some meds that are supposed to relax my inner tubes. Oila, this AM the tubes were so relaxed, I started passing some tiny black flecks – a touch of red, but certainly everything positive. Zero pain today. So unless something happens, the next scheduled event is a trip to the X-ray machine on the 23rd and to the doc the next day.

We’re at the “what do we do with it all” stage of the garden. We learned that if you take a bag of zucchini to the pharmacy and offer it for free, you can create a stampede. The tomatoes are filling window sills and we’re not but a day or two away from the first (of many) pot of sauce to be frozen. Several eggplants approaching maturity and I can already see lots of excess forming there. I guess the only place where our cup will remain empty, will be green beans. The deer are systematically taking it out a patch at a time. I’m a little surprised the okra seems to be untouched. That’s the youngest crop going, only a few inches tall, so you would expect that to be the tenderest munching. Okra, like squash and cucumbers, have little hair like protrusions all along the stems so maybe that affords a measure of protection. Even tomato stems can be “hairy” whereas beans and sweet potatoes are smooth. Just guessing.

Hate it that we’re missing the graduation. This is the first family graduation we’ve missed in 50 years or at least since such events have been happening. I went up on his first campus visit and it just seems wrong that I’m not there as he bids his fond farewells. Wimp!

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