Special exercise after procedure

This is the first time in years and years that the whole mother’s day thing has fallen on my shoulders. I know there’s a big brunch event being held in St. Louis with most of the family – will pictures of that be enough? For sure it would be just fine for father’s day, but mother’s day, that would probably be a big NO. You have to know that every restaurant will be having big events, which means big crowds and fixed menues. She won’t like that (me either).

So, what I supposedly read after the procedure were directions as to another procedure to do at home. Doesn’t make sense that they would explain anything to me after applying pain meds and waking me up from the general. Must not make sense to them either since they made Nancy sign the papers indicating that she was on top of everything. Which she was since she asked me first thing this morning if I needed to do the special exercises. I had no idea what she was talking about until I read the papers. No wonder I put it out of my mind. I have to:

1. drink two 8 oz glasses of water then wait a half an hour in case the water causes nausea. Next,
2. position myself on a 30 to 45 degree incline, face down to 30 minutes. Think about the mechanics of that. I broke out the trig tables and understood right away that this was a bad thing.
3. After that’s done, drink another 8 oz of water.
4. Repeat this sometime later in the day except instead of inclining face down, have the bad side up.

I do remember this same guy telling me “you can drink too much water”. As far as I’m concerned, following this procedure guarantees I’ll be drinking too much water.

What I should have asked is whether I can take a pain pill after the exercise even if the pain is for back stress and not because of the exercise. The surgical center was full of people going through the same procedure – some younger, some older, some looking to be in otherwise great health and some that looked like this exercise thing would kill them.

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