All done, maybe

Whatever ate the sweet potatoes, found a patch of beans. I’ starting to think insect because only the leaves are eaten, not the stems. If I could divert them over to the zucchini where our cup over runneth, I sure would. I’m turning my attention to slugs. I haven’t seen any but these are nocturnal feeders so you really don’t see them. In Utah I used an old tried and true remedy that worked just fine so I’ll give it a shot here. You put a pie pan in the ground so that the rim is level with the ground and fill it with beer. The slugs are attracted to the party and crawl in for a big drink. Not sure if they drown or die from liver issues but really don’t care.

The kidney procedure is later today and I’ll tag the results to the end of this posting. Pain is not an issue – an oxycodone every 6 hours, and only when the pain has returned, has that part of it totally under control. I have two side affects – dry mouth and itches. This is dry mouth like I haven’t experienced since I quit over doing it on scotch – not sure even then. Definitely old cotton mouth! And the itch is a full body experience. I’m not supposed to drink anything until after the procedure but I can wash out my mouth so it’s bearable. No restrictions that I’m aware of on scratching my itches – some I can’t scratch in public, and some I can’t reach without a mechanical aid – like a wall corner.

Results – The worst part of the procedure was that it started an hour later than forecast. Other than that, nothing – no pain, no discomfort, nothing bad. It’s an external procedure where a sack of liquid is placed up against the target area and then somehow stimulated with low frequency sound/vibrations. The reason you’re put under general anesthetic is that you have to remain very still through the whole thing, not because it’s painful.

It’s 16 hours since the blast and nothing has happened. No pain, no blood, no fragments passing. He might have given me a time table of what to expect, when, but I was probably too doped up to remember. I’ll check with the head nurse here at 234 then call his office this AM to be sure what’s happening is typical. I really wasn’t encouraged at the Monday office visit that this procedure was going to work because he delved right into the”if it doesn’t work” discussion. My guess is it will be more X-rays and then a move to plan B – as yet undefined but something about a basket. I did ask if I’d be up and ready for a long road trip Thursday and they all thought that wasn’t such a good idea – possible but they wouldn’t recommend it.

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