Kidney Boulder

The party was great. We ended up with 20 people and left over barbecue. Lots of snick snacks, desserts, and fine adult beverages. I started feeling kind of punky before the festivities officially started at noon and was downright hurting by mid-afternoon so my hosting skills were seriously compromised. By 7PM I was in the emergency room. My kidney stone problem, which I thought was behind me, turned into a kidney boulder problem. The CAT scan showed an 8mm stone,which doesn’t sound like much, but the nursed assured me was a “mess” and the doc on duty described as serious. He said all my kidney blood measurements were off the charts and one of my kidneys was double size. They consulted with my urology guy who said to let it go until Monday at 8:30 AM, popping percosets, or until I started throwing up with a high fever. Nice. The plan is to undergo a litho something or other, which is a sonic IED to break the boulder into gravel – which will flow out with pee and blood for a couple of days. All this on top of the deer eating the sweet potatoes. Needless to say the Dallas trip scheduled for Monday is off. I’ll call the University of Missouri after Monday and have them reschedule the graduation until I’m better able to travel. If they have a problem with that, Nancy will probably fly up and represent us both.

Other than that, nothing going on here.

One thought on “Kidney Boulder

  1. I guess your doc didn’t want to leave his BBQ to tend to you. Hope you’re feeling better now (Monday afternoon for you). Sorry about the trip to MO being scrubbed. Take it easy. Oh, and thanks again for the party. We’ll do it again in 13 years 🙂


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