Faux Crab Cakes

Whacked down a few major dead branches on an old bay tree down by the dock. That’s the 5th bay tree in the past few months to fall to the chain saw. Not sure if something is getting these trees or if they’re just getting old but the saw is certainly getting a workout. This particular one was accessible from the dock and with the water so low, I was able to get down on the beach and arrange the dead limbs into a brush pile that will be submerged when the water returns to normal. That should be home to little bait fish that will attract the feared and dreaded big bass. At least that’s my game plan. I also trimmed away some shoreline obstacles that made casting at natural pockets impossible. I’m doing my part now the rain gods need to do theirs.

Tom is getting interested in small boat, small lake fishing. It started with the fold boat, then migrated to the canoe, and now to the kayak. I’ve always been a small water kind of guy so I started suggesting places where I had used whatever car top boat I had at the time. Google maps is the perfect way to check arial views of places so I started re-finding my old haunts. Trouble is that most of them are no longer wilderness lakes and most of the access points are now estates or developments or industrial parks – anything but boat launching places and quiet solitude.

We decided to try the bluefish crab cake recipe. I already have a change in mind for next time. Per instructions, we poached the whole fish – less head and guts – and then picked the meat off the bones. Next time, I’m going to fillet the fish and start with clean fillets. I already like one thing about this method of prep – it’s easy to separate the white meat from the dark. With bluefish, the dark meat is stronger flavored and some people don’t like it because of that. The recipe Nancy chose for the crab cakes is called Aunt Ruth’s crab cakes. Neither of us had an Aunt Ruth so that makes that particular choice suspect but we’ll see. OK, they came out really good. I’d have to have a crab cake sitting right beside to determine how similar they tasted but it sure was good. We started with two blues that were probably in the 2 pound range. That yielded between a pound and a pound and a half of meat which in turn yielded 5 nice cakes.

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