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Thursday AM – It’s early AM and the surf is looking perfect – some wave action but not too much. I think yesterday it was just too calm and clear; great for casting and whale watching but not so great for catching blues. High tide should be about 11:30 so the game plan is to go have some breakfast then come back and hit it hard. Nothing!!!

Ditto Friday – one keeper Pompano. The weather was perfect and I spent almost the whole day enjoying the beach but the fishing just never amounted to much/anything. Tom came up later in the afternoon and spent the night so that was great and we had help repacking the car.

So all in all, great beach trip but no fish pictures to decorate the blog – and not because I forgot the camera.

Saturday – back home. The garden was in need of a good watering but other than that, looked decent. When I had last seen it, the hail had chopped it up fairly well so there were plenty of dead leaves and broken branches to be snipped off but in general things didn’t look bad. The corn is now waist high and this year the crop features really thick, strong looking stalks. In the past, they were much skinnier and not as deeply green colored. It could be the particular variety or maybe the soil improvements are showing up. I picked a few nice squash, a couple of cucumbers, and the last of the cabbage – the hail had made this a bit ugly but I’m sure it will convert to slaw just fine.

Little Tommy now has three hot irons in the fire – an in person interview in Greenwood SC; a completed interview with the Grand Forks (ND) Herald; something with a paper in Aspen CO – I have no details on that opportunity but big Tom said it was a much smaller operation in the high rent district but who knows – Aspen vs Grand Forks vs Greenwood, hmmmmmmm have to think about that. The Grand Forks opportunity sounds the best, so far, professionally in that it’s the largest circulation paper to respond. Although Tom had really hoped for an offer from a magazine publisher, nothing so far. That’s the situation with all his buddies who were also focusing on magazine journalism so it’s a good thing he broadened the scope of his search to include newspapers.

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