Bluefish crabcakes

What a difference a day makes. Over night the weather turned cold an windy and the fish quitting biting. One problem we have is that after two months of above average temps and no warning from the weather reports, we brought no cool weather clothing at all.

Did pick up a tidbit that might make the whole trip worthwhile. I was talking to a guy who was also fishing for blues and he volunteered that the way he liked blues the most was as “cakes” – as in crab cakes. He said you cook the fish in Old Bay spices, just like you were boiling crabs, then flake the fish off the bones and use it as a crab neat substitute in any crab cake recipe you like. He likes the small blues best. I do have one fair sized blue and two smaller ones in the freezer and hate it that I tossed back nearly a dozen small ones so far but I have the rest of the week to build up a stash. I wonder if you could flake the fish meat and freeze it or would it be better to freeze the fish and flake it on an as needed basis?

Tuesday – Really colder but Nancy bought me a lined hoodie so I’m nice and toasty. Picked up a couple more blues at high tide so the crab cake situation is looking better all the time. I also cut off strips of belly meat to use for cut bait later in the week. This strip is boney and I always cut it off after cooking anyway so why not get it when I can put it to good use. I remembered doing that years ago and having great luck since the strip is really shiny and seems to attract blues as well as a strip of mullet does. Nancy’s off playing bridge in Palm Coast so today is my day to sip a cold one and read on the beach at low tide – observe nature.

Wed. This is the kind of day that scares me. The surf conditions can only be described as perfect; the weather is perfect; and I have every piece of proven tackle I need. Absolutely no excuses. What’s even worse is that a friend of mine is coming over to join me so there will be a witness. Pressure, pressure, pressure. I guess the other way to look at it is that with great conditions, great weather, and a friend to talk to, so what if the fish don’t cooperate. It will still be a great day. As it turns out, fishing was zero – plenty of dolphins, even some whales to keep me involved, but no blues etc.

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