Some Serious Fishing

Maybe I didn’t plant too many tomatoes. We just had a major hail storm – the biggest I’ve ever seen in Florida – and at first glance the tomatoes really took a beating. Ditto the cucumbers. We’re heading to the beach and will just have to let nature take it’s course for a week.

Tom came over Saturday to help us move to the beach. Each time we come it’s easier in terms of packing and unpacking simply because we bring less with us. Even my fishing tackle is lighter and I bring less of it. Ditto Nancy’s sewing stuff. She has it well calibrated as to exactly what she’s going to use and what project she’ll be working on so all the ancillary stuff is left home. And instead of bringing food from home, our first day routine now includes a trip to Publix where we buy exactly what we’ll need for the week. Of course Tom lugging it all upstairs is the real help.

First day fishing was a big zero. Of course I can blame that on the wrong tides, bad weather and stuff out of my control but those excuses disappear today. The beach has totally restored itself and returned to the cinnamon colored, soft, shelly texture that I love. For whatever reasons it had been that hard, white Daytona Beach kind of sand for the past two years. Also the nice, deep trough running parallel to the beach is back in place. That trough had disappeared along with the soft sand a year ago. Still no sign of any sand fleas so that takes away my favorite bait source but the fishing was hot, hot, hot. I dodged rain squalls all morning but in between was banging away at the blues. Total catch for the day: 1 medium sized sail cat; 2 bait size whiting to be used tomorrow to catch more blues; 10 bluefish, mostly small with two keepers; one small pompano. I think this is the best first day ever at the beach.

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