Cucumbers on the table

Picked the first two cucumbers and the sixth zucchini so we’re off and running. Got 100% germination on the okra seed so July is looking okra. Counted 30 green tomatoes on one bush – I’ve created a monster this year. There’s one tomato starting to turn pink which should be ready to pick when we get back from the beach – unless my neighbor sees it first.

While Nancy was visiting the doctor the other day, I slipped off to my favorite guy store – Harbor Freight. Last year I picked up a soaker hose there and it’s worked out very nicely so I picked up 4 more on sale. I should be able to water the whole garden now using the soakers. There are two advantages to watering with soakers as opposed to the arial variety. The obvious is that the water is placed right at the plant so evaporation is virtually eliminated. Less obvious, and more the reasons I’m going that way, is that getting the leaves wet attracts bugs and spiders onto the plants. I hate that. The other, even less obvious, advantage is that with a conventional sprinkler, airborne weed seed is pulled out of the air and dropped onto the garden, all ready to germinate. Believe it or not, airborne weed seed is the largest source of weeds. I put a 4 output manifold on the faucet so just opening that one spigot turns on all the new hoses at the same time.

We’re off to the beach tomorrow for a week of surf action. Of course the drought chose this weekend to break with a forecast of 2-3” Saturday and Sunday. Not sure whether it was the vacation plan or the soaker hose addition that brought on the much needed rain but we sure need it. I was concerned that the garden might burn up while we were gone but if we really do get that much rain, it will be fine for the rest of the week.

Update on George – he goes to Miami May 8 for further testing before have the new heart valve installed. He was under the impression that he would just go down and have the job done and be back home in 3 days. That didn’t seem logical to me but he was convinced it would be that simple. I’m guessing that, assuming all these tests come out positive, it will still be June before he actually has the procedure. And I’m still having trouble believing that he will be able to drive down to Miami, go in and have the valve installed, and then be home in Pierson in 3 days.

I’ve been 2+ pain free days so either the stone has found a comfortable place to hang out or maybe it passed. Would it be hiding in waiting for me to be knee deep in the surf before it starts up again??

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