My talented bride

The head count for Easter has crept up to 16. I had guesstimated 14-16 from the get go and we could still accommodate a couple more. Sure wish the lake level were up at normal but I’m guessing there will still be a fair amount of laking. I’m going to do a test swim before the big event. We’re going to eat on the screened porch and use a combination of the current hexagon shaped glass table and the two 6′ long tables that were Nancy’s previous sewing tables. Nancy made a table cloth that covered the two long tables and another that covered the glass table. Really worked out nicely.

Had the most significant armadillo attack ever. The garden must have been visited by a herd of rogue diller’s. The good news is that they restricted their digging almost entirely to the rows between the veggies. Not one plant lost – how lucky is that. I took a few pictures to give you an idea but one of the holes actually measured 30” deep. There were literally a dozen or so holes like these throughout the garden.

While on fauna – on Sunday I was working in the garden when down one edge of the property loped this giant dog. It was just casually galloping down to the lake where I lost sight of it. I watched carefully for a few minutes and then assumed it just left, following the newly exposed shoreline. I returned to work the compost piles and looked up to see the dog hopping along at a pretty good pace directly toward me. The dog was clearly a large, large hound dog – one of those black and brown, square face, big floppy ears types. His tail was wagging, his ears flopping, and his tongue dangling out and swinging from side to side. Although he was really big there was nothing at all menacing about him and within a second or two he came right up to me and started licking my hand. He was soaking wet so must have gone for a swim. I petted his head and scratched his neck for a few minutes and then he just said goodbye and started back up to the neighbor’s house. No doubt this was a very good, valuable dog that had gotten away from his home; very nice collar and clearly a well groomed, well fed dog.

Found a large deposit on the driveway this morning. Either we have lions, tigers and elephants or it was the bear. My neighbor said he was visited last night and all of his trash cans were turned over and the contents strewn about. Also found a fish carcass up about 25′ from the water’s edge in the vicinity of my mucking operation. It was half eaten, head and innards, so it was most likely an otter. That’s how they characteristically feed. I scooped up the carcass and planted it up in the collard patch. Wonder if I scooped up the bear present and put it in the garden, would it deter the armadillos? Not going to try.

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