New Approach to ratting

I mentioned that I was going to place the rat poison such that larger animals couldn’t get at it. I pushed the poison about a foot under the shed and then blocked the entrance so only a critter that lived there or was small enough to crawl under from another entry point could get to it. Sure enough, and unexpectedly, the poison was gone – both chunks, each in a different spot. So now I’m back to rats being the bad guy. I could see mice nibbling the poison but these are substantial chunks. So I’m going to try to find a fourth poison formulation or buy some more of one I’ve been using. Nancy’s has that as a secondary task on her quilting day.

OK, she tried a new feed store. This time in DeLeon Springs. The same feed store where I get the Bigeloil – the horse liniment we use to ease aching muscles. They had the same stuff the last feed store had and told her this was the best stuff to use. But the real find was that the proprietor told her to insert the bait inside a piece of PVC pipe to make sure that only rats and mice can get to it. I just happened to have a 3′ piece of 2” PVC so placed the piece under the shed and inserted the bait about halfway along the pipe. In order to get at the bait, a critter would either have to pick it up and dump it out or be small enough to crawl inside. Very clever idea – even better than my blocking the entrance although I do think that worked too. First night, nothing touched the bait. Maybe a 2” pipe is too small so let’s try a 3” pipe. Bingo, the bait was gone. So the critter is small enough to get into a 3” pipe but maybe too big for the 2” one – rat.

You’ve no doubt seen the story of the kid who was shot in Sanford by the neighborhood watch guy. Turns out that we have a semi family member who was on the scene – one of the Sanford policemen called to the scene and was the guy who actually put the cuffs on the shooter and accompanied him to the police station. He’s my niece Joanne’s son in law or ex son in law, not exactly sure on the status of all that. He was in the video showing the action at the police station. So we’ve got the scoop right from the horses mouth – obviously more credible than big Al Sharpton or the reverend Jesse. The station house video was taken after Zimmerman was cleaned up and looked after by EMT’s – ergo, no blood on the video.

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