Smoked Pork and Shrimp Pizza

The smoked pork worked out well. It was 4 pounds and to be cooked at 90 minutes per pound (6 hours) at 225 degrees. It was also forecast to be done at 190 degrees internal temp. About an hour before the time was to expire, it looked to me that it wouldn’t get up to temp so I popped the heat up to 235 and sure enough, the internal probe read 190 right at 4:30. I wrapped it in foil and drove down to Tom’s for the big pulled pork event. Tina made some of my favorite sides and the meat was great. Seems like Nancy and Tom had a fun time watching baseball, hitting the local eateries, and doing quilt shops. The next happening on the schedule is Easter which I learned is going to be at the lake this year and Tom is going to cure and smoke a fresh ham. That’ll be a first.

Trying an experiment with the rat poison that should tell me whether something larger than a rat is actually getting the poison. I’ve been placing the poison about 6” back underneath the shed next to the carport. It looks like a natural place for rats to live and the bait has been consistently taken. What I did differently was to place the poison in the regular spot but then blocked the entrance so that only a small critter or one that had made residence under the shed could reach it. I think it should eliminate possums and raccoons as possible doers.

Doing a layered compost pile this time around. We’ve accumulated a giant pile of oak leaves, a large pile of lake bottom goop, a substantial amount of wood ash, and a steady and bounteous batch of fresh stuff coming from the garden. Just the Brussels I’m pulling out presents quite a load of green material. So I put down a layer of oak leaves 3-4” thick, then a layer of green, a layer of ash, and top it off with a layer of muck. In a few weeks layers of field grass clippings will be added to the mix. Tasty. Since there will be very little woody material to decompose, this should be a fast, soft pile. I’m programming it for July but wouldn’t be surprised to be using it in June.

We made another unique pizza – this time three key ingredients that separate our pizza from Domino or Papa John’s are shrimp, swiss chard, and broccoli. We’ve run out of the 6 grain crust we love so on this one we tried a cheesy herb crust. Turned out to be a great combination

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