Happy birthday Tom

What Gator.

Going down to Tom’s this evening to pick up Nancy and celebrate Tom’s birthday. They have one last game today and should pull in to Lake Mary about 6PM. I somehow got the job of smoking a piece of pork for a pulled pork happening there. I put it on at 10:15 AM with the expectation of it being done by 4:30. This will be the first time I’ve used the smoker’s meat temperature probe which is supposed to get to 190 degrees for this meal. I’ll wrap it up in aluminum foil and bring it down for the pull meister to do his thing.

Something that’s been missing in the garden from the get go are worms. Worms are a sign of good, rich, organic soil so no wonder they were nowhere to be found. I’ve been noticing that the muck I’m digging up from the lake bottom has a goodly population of worms so I know I’ve been transferring them, more or less, to the garden soil. What I don’t know is if this particular variety can survive in the drier soil compared to the wet, gooey stuff they’ve been populating. I went down to the shoreline with a fork and started digging around the edges and sure enough came up with plenty of worms in a short order. I brought them up and started a few colonies at various locations. George tells me that about 20 years ago he was raising worms in a bed down by the lakeside but it fell apart or something and he lost them all. I wonder if these are the ancestors of that colony or an indigenous variety? It’ll be interesting to see if a year from now I have them roaming amongst the beans and tomatoes etc just doing their little worm things to the soil. Or will the armadillos sniff them out and gorge to some easy pickings?

I’m getting bad vibes about this coming summer. The mosquitoes are already worse than I can ever remember here, the rats, and now I’m spotting rabbits – one in particular this evening was eyeballing the garden. I’m thinking the rabbits and the rats are some signal that whatever predator is supposed to deal with these critters has left the scene.
If I see one of these fur balls actually working the garden, I’m breaking out the pellet gun pronto. Rabbits are fairly stupid and I can probably reduce the population to zero fairly quickly – that is assuming they’re not an endangered species.

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