Dressing up the garden

Go Gators!

Timmy and the Jets – that’s so wrong. I keep waiting to here about a trade between the Jets and the Jags – where else does it make sense for Tebow to end up?

Got up early this AM to take Nancy to Lake Mary for her and Tom’s annual baseball tour. This year they’re going over to the west coast to take in games on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So I’m a bachelor again. On Sunday I go back down with a smoked pork roast ready to become part of a pulled pork barbecue there. Nancy just loves this trip and looks forward to being with Tommy all year long.

While she’s gone I decided to take the big leap and move the Mercury back under the carport and cover it. I’ve been feeding the rats (or whatever) there for about 3 weeks now with a variety of poisons and even though the poison is gone every morning, I have to think maybe something else beside rats are making off with it. Fingers crossed!

The beans and the corn I planted last week have started popping out in earnest. Still too soon to judge the level of germination but so far, so good. I also put in a dozen or so Inca marigolds to dress up the garden. Inca’s are primo marigolds and I get all kinds of ooh’s and aah’s from visitors. Also starting some zinnias which will likewise be sprinkled around the garden in a few weeks.

Taken the next step with the sweet potatoes – removed several of the new stems which are 8-10” long and growing a fine load of leaves. Put those in a glass of water intending to root them. If history serves, that will happen in a week or so. In two weeks, they’ll be set in the garden and doing their thing in the real world. It means I have to give up on several Brussels Sprout plants which are looking great but simply not putting out any fruit. George is convinced it’s because the soil is too good, too rich. He might be right but I’m thinking there’s something missing in the soil. I did try a new variety because the one I had grown successfully for the previous two years is no longer available at seed companies. I went with an old, tried and true called Long Island Brussels and planted them in an area of the garden where I hadn’t grown them in the past – you know the crop rotation thing so that’s another change factor. Nothing’s ever easy.

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