What Bee Shortage?

Nancy got the other eye done and all went well. She reports things are much brighter. She goes back for a check-up next week and then gets a prescription for glasses as her new eyes dictate – just fine readers.

One really nice resource I have here that would not be available to the general public is a couple of stands of bamboo. I use bamboo for plant stakes, to make trellises, and even used a couple to make clothes props – wonder how many people nowadays even know what a clothes prop is? I’m going to construct a pole bean tower in a few weeks – when the spot in the garden becomes available.

Got the corn in. I had to weave it around some late season lettuce but I just couldn’t bring myself to pull it out. The variety I’m trying is called Florida Stay Sweet Hybrid. It’s a super sweet – that’s an actual technical term to describe a type of corn. I went to a yellow corn instead of the bi-color’s I’ve planted in the past. So it’s all different this year and I hope the results are likewise different. I mentioned before that I was planning to intermix some butternut squash with the corn so I rationalized that I’ll just plant the squash where the lettuce plants are currently residing. Lettuce matures quite rapidly so another 2 weeks should do it and you’re not supposed to plant the squash until the corn is about a foot tall. Sounds like clockwork to me.

I think everyone has heard and worried about the shortage of bees necessary to pollinate the crops. Some kind of bee virus or parasite or something. Quit worrying – I found them or rather they found the citrus trees. You definitely have to give the trees wide berth. These are really big, fat bumble bees just working their little hearts out flitting from blossom to blossom. There are also a couple of monarch looking butterflies doing the same thing and they seem to be getting along with the bees just fine.

I guess it should be no big surprise that Santorum is doing so well – but it is. From the get go, Gingrich was too burdened by history to ever win and Romney could never do well in the South. But still, Santorum is a poor candidate – another House of Rep, wheeler dealer guy from the NE. Pundits are coming around to the brokered convention possibility which, in my mind, has been the likely outcome all along. No one (but me) thinks another candidate will come out of the convention.

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