Downed tree gone

Everybody is familiar with the switch from Standard time to daylight savings time but lesser known is the switch from winter pizza to summer pizza. We have another month of green based pizza – that would be pizza loaded with broccoli, or spinach, or swiss chard in many combinations – to light colored pizza such as eggplant or zucchini parmesan with slices of fresh tomato and green pepper toppings.

Took care of the trees downed by the mini tornado that lashed us last week. It’s now future fire wood and will eventually end up as ash in the compost pile. This oak was right at the entrance to the path down to the lake so I’m really not too sorry to see it go. You wouldn’t have known it from looking at the tree growing but it was rotted inside and broke off right at ground level – perfect. The tree to which the clothesline is tied at the other end is obviously dead so I’ll just take this opportunity to whack that down and come with a totally new route.

Nancy has the cataract in her right eye taken care of on the 14th. Since we know what to expect on this, it’s not as worrisome as it was the first time. Had a funny experience at the eye doctor’s yesterday. Nancy had an appointment to check on the left eye and take one last map of the right eye before the surgery. When we walked in I saw another patient in the waiting room who looked familiar but I just couldn’t place where I knew her from. She spotted us when we walked in and smiled but nothing else. I just figured it was my magnetic personality that attracted the smile. Then they called the name of the patient and she walked by and the lights went on – it was an old friend from 30+ years ago but before I could say anything she was gone. Nancy and I looked at each other and said at the same time, “that was Mimi”. Nancy was called about 5 minutes later and after that Mimi came out. I called over to her and then it was old home week. She said she thought she knew us but couldn’t recollect exactly from where. Turned out that Mimi also had a cataract removed – on the same day as Nancy last time, a couple hour earlier, and she was in to set up for the second cataract which was scheduled for 2 hours prior to Nancy again. Same doctor. Is that bizarre or what?

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