A new cousin?

Simon’s has applied for three summer jobs – each sounding pretty good. The first one he applied for is a “domestic” position at Yellowstone and he got the offer a couple months ago. The second is in western North Carolina at an outdoor center that specializes in guiding white water rafting and kayaking trips. Check out NOC.com. He got that offer earlier this week. The final job, the Trenton Institute, is also in western NC and likewise an outdoor camping experience for young kids so it includes hiking, fishing, kayaking and the like. Trenton requires certification in CPR and lifeguarding. Simon has some background with both as an Eagle Scout and can be re-certified as required. He will probably hear within the next couple of weeks whether or not he can do a hat trick and get offers from all three applications. I think the Trenton opportunity would be the preferred catch but either of the NC jobs would make for a great summer and fit better with the family summer schedule.

You know it’s possible I’m related to the Sports Illustrated cover girl this month. My maternal grandmother is an Upton so Kate and I could have some common genes. She doesn’t really look like my grandmother but then I didn’t know her when she was a young lady so……………….

I keep reporting that the lake is at the lowest level ever and that is still the case. After this latest cold snap, it’s down a few more inches. I gauge the level using the dock ladder where the lowest rung is now out of the water. That means the water at the end of the dock is about a foot deep. We consider 5′ at the base of the ladder to be normal. Over the years things have dropped off the dock which we assumed were gone forever. Maybe not. One big target is a ring that Megan lost about 10 years ago. Assuming some giant bass didn’t gobble it up, maybe we’ll be able to recover it, especially if the lake keeps dropping. Probably one more freeze with the ferneries pumping will leave that area totally high and dry.

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