The Hit man

Follow up – we now have fire extinguishers in both cars and the truck. Lesson learned.

Had a funny one the other day at Big Rig. We were checking out and the owner was working the register. I laid out my AMX card and he looked it over carefully then said to me “are you a hit man or something”. Very straight face. I looked at him like what did you say, and he says “your card says Terminal Connexions and I wondered what that was”. I heard that more than a few times in Utah but that was the first time in maybe 10 years. I gave him the story but he didn’t have a clue what a computer terminal was. Don’t know whether I mentioned it before but I learned a while back that since that card is a Corporate card, it doesn’t show up when someone calls for a credit check. When we refinanced to take advantage of these low interest rates, the bank showed us our credit scores and I asked exactly what went into the numbers, mine was a bit lower than Nancy’s. They said the reason was that she had some credit cards and I didn’t. I said I had an AMX that went back about 25 years and I broke it out to show her. She looked at it and said that wouldn’t show on a credit check since it was a corporate card. Interestingly my VISA didn’t show either – had that one for at least as long as the AMX. That one is attached to my Merrill Lynch account so it too is hidden from the credit check folks. Of course they were all over Nancy’s Kohl’s and Penney’s cards and made her credit rating a bit higher than mine. Weird.

Think we’re going to have another go at the chickens. Harley is beefing up the pen and is determined not to let the raccoons get the better of him. Before the last guys were converted to ‘coon food, I had brought up a few outer leaves from the Chinese cabbage to try as chicken feed. According to Harley they went crazy for it. I would guess they’d deal with old lettuce the same way so when I was talking about converting lettuce to eggs, this puts an entirely different spin on it. Too bad I don’t still tie trout flies.

Did something totally new to that cauliflower shown in the previous post. Leaving it whole, I spread some butter on it, slathered it with barbecue sauce, wrapped it all up in aluminum foil and put it on the grill alongside a whole chicken. I guesstimated 45 minutes for the cauliflower and an hour fifteen for the chicken. Perfectly timed and tasty. To me, cauliflower has very little flavor on it’s own so you can dress it up lots of ways. When people say they love cauliflower I ask them how they fix it and it’s usually drenched in cheese – so I know they love cheese.

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