Square foot gardening

Nancy and a quilt buddy headed up to Shands hospital in Gainesville today to deliver quilts they’d made for the Children’s Infusion Center. They keep the center quite cool and the kids have to spend hours there so they really appreciate the quilts. Having a free afternoon, I decided to attend a seminar I had read about concerning gardening in small spaces being held at the Ormond Beach library. The subject is “Square Foot Gardening” which is learning how to get the most from a small garden space. Our garden is fairly large as home gardens go but small spaces frequently open up and I might learn something interesting to do with those spaces. It’s also a good opportunity to take the laptop and install any software updates since the last round. I really didn’t expect to learn much but sometimes just one little gem pops out or I might meet some old guy that’s been doing this for a hundred years and has a few secrets.

As it turned out there were mostly old people there – lots of them too. The presenter knew his material quite well and I did learn a few things. Would have been better if it was just him and I but……………….. Lot’s of really dumb, off point questions. The net of it all is that if you want to start a garden, this square foot garden technique would be a great way to do it. You get lots of produce, in a small area, and with much less work than a traditional, in ground garden. There’s a book by a guy named Mel Bartholomew and a web site squarefootgardening.com to get you going. Since it’s a whole technique, it really didn’t tell me to do with my small spaces but I still picked up a few tidbits of interest.

I’m feeling stronger that the Republican Convention will end up putting forth a new candidate – new as in someone not currently declared. As I suspected, Romney will not be able to win the south – he’s a yankee and a Mormon and all the power brokers know that Gingrich can’t beat Obama. The Southern conservatives, an absolutely necessary vote block, are faced with selecting between a very moderate, to left leaning Mormon, a fiscally moderate Pennsylvania Catholic with a history of voting for some real dog earmarks, and a Southern Catholic with a 3 wife track record and some really lunatic/unstable moves as a member of congress. Not a good Southern Baptist conservative in the bunch. Think of all the bourbon/cigar meetings going on into the wee hours trying to figure their way out of this dilemma. I’m starting to smell a Goldwater kind of debacle in the end – and against the worst president in modern memory. Killing the pipeline project alone should be the end of his career. I think the only thing that can boost him is if the Iranians do something incredibly stupid – and they just might.

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