A House guest

The problem with the Denver Bronco’s is they don’t have enough Gators on the team.

Little Tommy spent the last few days of his Christmas break with us which made it extra special for us. Hard to believe this is his last semester before taking on the world. Here’s what really made my day, week, month, year…………….. Tom Sr. drove Jr. up to a midway meeting point for breakfast. He had a mid morning meeting so this arrangement worked out best for him and worked just fine for us. Met at Big Rig for breakfast. I think I mentioned before that the Rig has a large breakfast menu but I hadn’t gotten to the back page of it ever before so when Tommy ordered the chicken and waffles, I was surprised there was even such an offering. Turned out to be a plate size waffle and 4 pieces of fried chicken – basically half a chicken. He actually put it down. Anyway, naturally Tommy had packed a suitcase for the three day stay but his dad drove away from the restaurant with the suitcase still in the car. We didn’t realize that until about halfway back home. Here’s the good part – last year Nancy spotted a bargain on camo pants at the local Dollar Store but they are 36‘s – which is a tight squeeze for me. I had been losing weight for a while and Nancy is/was convinced that 36‘s are in my future. She broke them out for Tommy and sure enough, they fit nicely. Just a bit loose, but not all that loose. So 22 years after his birth, he and I are wearing the same size pants – almost. He’s certainly not fat, overweight, or even chunky so that sure made me feel good.

Luckily for me, the big Florida maple decided overnight to drop all it’s leaves at exactly the same time as I transferred and turned over a new compost pile and I had Tommy here to help vacuum the leaves into the leaf mulcher. The mulcher hold 15 gallons of shredded leaves per load and we did 5 loads so that’s a serious pile of shredded leaves. So this batch of compost will be heavily loaded with citrus in the form of grapefruit peelings and maple. Sounds like a candle scent.

I noted that Tommy was totally untrained in the fine art of pasta making and took it on my own to fill that gap in his resume. I also learned that he had never eaten spinach pasta and didn’t remember if he had ever eaten freshly made pasta so I set about to fill these missing pieces in his life. Last time I made pasta I used Swiss Chard in lieu of spinach – the Chard was ready, the spinach wasn’t. Now the spinach is ready to pick so I made the switch. Didn’t expect much difference but it turned out that there is. The spinach definitely has more internal moisture so no additional water was added to the dough at all – usually have to add a few tablespoons. My taste buds are long since burned out but Nancy assured me that she liked the spinach pasta better than the chard pasta and Tommy loved it. I didn’t think of it but next time I’ll try to remember to take a picture of the finished product.

I guess the next time we’ll see him is in Missouri at his graduation in May. Shouldn’t teaching him how to make pasta count as a graduation gift?

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