Monster Veggie

Planted 4 seeds each of 4 different tomato varieties. I’ll cull out the best 2 of each and get them out of the greenhouse and into the garden this time next month. Normally that would be way too early but I have water filled protection devices that will protect them from the cold so this way I get a really early start on the season. That makes a big difference here because the plants will be fairly mature by the time the bugs start making an appearance, so more able to deal with them. I also ordered two new seed varieties and will get those seeds going on Feb. 1 and into the garden early March. My plan is to end up with a dozen plants just loaded with tomatoes. In a perfect world that will be 2 each of 6 different varieties. The reality is that some will make it and some won’t and the mix will end up somewhat different – that’s why I always start spares.

Ever think about planting veggies in a container or window box? I tried it a month or so back with some lettuce and the photo shows the results. This is a leaf lettuce so you can just pick the leaves you want, not the whole plant. For one or two people, just these few plants will keep you in salad for months. Of course you save money, but the convenience of just clipping off a few leave just before dinner time or to pop onto a sandwich at lunch is sure nice.
The other photo is a hybrid called Veronica. It’s a cross between a cauliflower and broccoli. In some catalogs it’s listed along with the cauliflower, in others with the broccoli. Tastes just like cauliflower. Every time I see one of these I think about those National Geographic exotic lizards with the protruding eyes. Now that I think of it, it does have just the faintest hint of lizard taste. I think next season I’m going to grow the full rainbow of cauliflowers – cheddar, lime, white, and purple.

Another T-Bow Sunday. I still can’t get interested in any other NFL game but, I guess because of the strong Gator connection, I’m drawn to the Bronco games and they are consistently exciting – even the losses. You’re almost forced to watch the fourth quarter just because historically, this season, that’s when it all happens. I’ll have to admit I wouldn’t have bet two cents against the Steelers last game but I still watched. I can’t imagine them beating the Patriots but for sure, I just have to watch. What I wonder – is all the Bronco attention driving the other teams crazy? Speaking of football, I’m happy the Gators hired the offensive coach from Boise State. Not sure what kind of quarterback situation we’re looking at next season but I feel better with a blow and go kind of offensive coordinator.

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