Christmas for the truck

What’s been the biggest surprise of the season? Mark’s home made German pretzels.

Put the smoker together and tested/cured it before the maiden voyage on Wednesday. I think it’s fitting that the first event be ribs and a big batch of Dutch cole slaw fresh from the garden. Full report with pic’s sure to follow.

My truck is having a nice Christmas this year. Nancy bought it a cover (under the guise of it being a present for me). I keep moving the truck around trying to find a spot where it won’t be bombed with pine sap and/or bird droppings, or worse yet, falling dead branches. It’s had a tough couple of years so I’ve decided to go all the way and have it detailed and then covered. Right, me having a vehicle detailed – now that’s a disconnect. To put it in perspective, there’s a guy in Pierson who (I’ve heard) does a good job at a good price. He quoted me $25 to detail it; $50 if I wanted it waxed as well. I went for the full treatment – hold the Armour All on the tires which is not a good thing on dirt roads. A couple of hours after I dropped it off, the owner called and said it would be much better if he compounded the truck before he waxed it. I know that’s true because the paint was fairly well oxidized; $25 more to have it rubbed out (compounded). He helped me make the decision to go the extra $25 by telling me that the job I was getting would normally cost $100 but because things were slow after Christmas, I was getting a better deal. How could I pass on that. I rarely use the truck any more and only keep it because it’s the only way I have to move the poke boat from here to the Tomoka River and because it has way too much sentimental value to ever get rid of it. Too many memorable camping trips; too many memorable trips from Utah to Florida; too many hours spent one on one with Tommy and Simon.

George built a ladder for our dock so I can now climb down into the boat. When the lake dropped so much, he had pulled his boat out of the water and I moved mine into his slip. His boat is bigger and was bottomed out in his slip whereas mine was fine there. The water did come up a few inches and I started catching specs so he needed to get his boat back in the water – what I really needed was a ladder on my dock to let me use my boat from it’s own place. Works like a world champ. So far this winter has been warmer and a bit wetter than normal so the lake is at a higher level than I had anticipated. What gets us in the winter is that the surrounding ferneries pump water in prodigious quantities to protect their crops from freezing. In a two or three day cold snap, they can pull the lake level down a foot. Last year was the coldest in memory so the pull down occurred several times and summer rains never really materialized to replenish the

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