The end of festivities

Made it through the festivities just fine. I was really surprised to find a smoker under Tom’s tree with my name on it. Tom bought one Thanksgiving 2010 and for the past year we’ve probably enjoyed the output half a dozen or so times. No doubt it will be put to good use here at the lake. Lots of other goodies distributed and it seemed that everyone got what they wanted. Tom smoked a large prime rib to top it off. The next big scheduled event is a Super Bowl party – probably a pulled pork event if I had to speculate.

When we lived in San Antonio we often ate breakfast at a place that made the best biscuits in the galaxy. Those biscuits have been the gold standard for me and every time we try a new breakfast place, I order the biscuits in the hope of coming close. It happened today in a new place that opened in DeLeon Springs, about 6 miles from the house. The breakfast was just ok but the biscuits were incredible. So much so that I asked the proprietor if he would sell just the biscuits on a to-go basis. He thought about it and came up with a price that fit my pocket and said I’d have to wait about 20 minutes while they cooked up a fresh batch. There are now a dozen of these beauties in the freezer to be doled out one at a time, no more frequently than once a week. I can’t take the chance that he goes out of business leaving me once again searching. This is a real hole in the wall kind of place where it is impossible to under dress. It’s the kind of place where you wait until you have at least a 3 day beard before entering or risk having the patrons stare at you and know you are a new kid in town. The dinner special tonight is a 3 piece fried chicken dinner with a choice of 3 sides and a drink for $6.95. Wonder if you can get a biscuit as a side or if perchance it just also comes with a biscuit standard?

Big, really big family news. Simon landed a summer job with the National Park Service in Yellowstone. Not sure what his biggest selling point was – being an Eagle Scout or being an Environmental Engineering Major – but with that combination how could the Park Service miss the opportunity to get him. Probably the biggest hurdle to overcome will be explaining to the head Park Ranger why his father has to be part of the package!! He still has applications outstanding in other Parks so he may be able to get something closer but for sure, one way or the other, it’ll be an interesting summer for him.

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