Meatloaf Masterpiece

My night to cook so it will be an all Holland Grill masterpiece – meat loaf, baked potatoes, grilled broccoli, and garden salad. The photo is the broccoli and salad in the just picked mode. The red leaf lettuce is a variety named Danyelle. Haven’t planted any potatoes yet (and may not this year) so those are store bought. We use so few potatoes and they are nominally inexpensive so it might just make more sense to use the space for something better eaten fresh. The weather has been so nice this winter that we grill at least 3 times a week – in this case it’s 3 days in a row; gourmet pizza on Wednesday, chicken parts on Thursday, and the meatloaf tonight. I may be mistaken but I think this might be the first season since we’ve been here where we haven’t experience a frost through the end of the year. That’s why we’re still picking an occasional eggplant and green peppers – both very sensitive to cold. In most years they’re gone by Thanksgiving.
About a month ago I lost my favorite pair of clippers. I have maybe half a dozen so the loss of one is neither unusual nor a big problem. Still, I hate it when one minute you have something and then, it disappears. Normally I find them within a few days when I happen on the spot where I set them down but I was fairly sure I knew exactly where these had to be – in the compost pile. I expected to find them when I transferred the contents of the pile to a new location – a normal rotation process when I complete a pile’s transition to the garden. But they didn’t show up. That was back some time in October I think. Since then I turn the pile to aerate it once or twice a week so you have to think if the clippers were in the pile, I’d for sure find them. Got it. Yesterday I turned the pile and was delighted when the pitchfork sounded a big clunk and out popped my red handled clippers. I had turned that pile 6-10 times and it had eluded detection but sure enough, it was right where I thought it would be.

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