Spec’s starting

Cracked up listening to the talking heads on the tube talking about North Korea after the big man died. They said the country is a basket case: no food, no twitter, no facebook. Honestly, that was the list of hardships these poor folk have to deal with.

You can breath easy now. I finally caught a few speckled perch aka black crappie. I’ve been hitting it once or twice a day since I got the new motor and picked up a bass or a bluegill here and there but no specs – the fine eating quarry. The 3 I caught were nice ones – not the largest I’ve ever caught – but certainly good size and enough for a hearty meal. I did something that I may soon regret. After filleting the fish I have always buried the carcasses in the garden but heretofore haven’t had a bear issue. I went ahead and buried them anyway and will keep my fingers crossed that it doesn’t prove to be a bear magnet.

Got a really interesting compost mix going this time. Aside from all the citrus rinds, the giant leaves from the cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbages, shredded palmetto fronds clipped from the path to the dock, a few loads of chimney ash from the neighbor’s fireplace – this batch has a load of debris from the neighbor’s fish ponds. He cleans them out semi annually which means a load of semi decomposed oak leaves that have been fertilized by thousands of sword tails, mollies, and a few giant koi. I know if I had any sense of smell, this load of nutrients would knock me over. Within the next two weeks, the maple tree will drop all it’s leaves and those will be shredded and added to the pile. For sure each and every compost pile is unique so if you hit upon a magical mix that turned the humble patch into the garden of Eden, it could never be replicated. This particular batch is the May 2012 load. The next load hitting the garden is in the final simmering phase and won’t be distributed until February. That’s the batch that has all the sea weed which has long since just decomposed into the whole mess.

One minute I’m contemplating how O’bama can possibly win re-election. I’m fairly sure he will but It seems to me that he has lost some major constituencies and not gained any that I can think of. So then I’m contemplating how he can possibly lose with the lineup of Republicans it looks like he’ll be facing. No doubt he will have lost a goodly portion of the Jewish vote which has traditionally been a lock solid voting block. I’m guessing that will make a difference in Florida. He’s lost a large number of wealthy Wall Streeters with the constant attack on the monied and support for the Occupy crowd. I don’t see that as a large number of votes but an enormous amount of money. Since more illegals than ever have been deported, not sure how solid the Latino block is. He max’d out the youngster vote and the black vote last go round so not likely that can be repeated in the same numbers – just from a lack of interest rather than a change in thought. The enviro wackies and public unions will hang tough and you have to assume the West coast and New England libs will have no where else to go. The Streisand/Baldwin/Sheen set is locked. Not sure about private unions after the pipeline decision. That was a really clear choice for the greenies and against jobs. What he does have going for him, big time, is a sorry collection of Republican candidates and that may be enough. Romney could probably beat him but no way he’ll end up being the candidate. As long as the Senate changes hands, I’m fine. Clinton was much better when he had an all Republican congress to joust with and no reelection ahead screw with his head.

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