Party, Party, Party

So far so good on the social events I had been dreading. We attended a graduation party for the students, friends, and parents of Tom’s Video game class. Along with the food and drink, we got to meet a good number of the students and have them demonstrate the games they’ve been working on since entering the program 18 months ago. Very impressive work and we learned that 95% of the students leaving the program were hired immediately. Most had done internships with game companies and had multiple offers for employment.

The birthday party for an old neighbor in Altamonte springs was likewise a nice time. Seven of us met at a local restaurant, had a nice lunch then headed back to Bob’s house for dessert and coffee. He does just a wee bit of gardening so my present was two flats of seedlings – about 8 different things for him to try. He showed me exactly where he planned to put everything. It will be interesting to see how it all works out. The soil looked exactly like mine did 4 years ago but I didn’t mention that. Who knows, he may have some magic ingredient there that doesn’t exist in Barberville.

The third event was a Christmas boat parade on the St. Johns River in Welaka. I think the economy took it’s toll on the parade. There was a total of 4 boats including an airboat. We’ve attended boat parades every year since we moved here and this was without a doubt the wimpiest. The good thing was that the next door neighbor to the people had a large machine that churned out endless margaritas. Like a 7-11 slurpy machine but much better for you. The other good thing was that it was a beautiful, warm evening. We have been to this event in the past wearing parkas but this was short sleeve shirt viewing.

The final event in the string got moved from Sunday to Monday. We’re going over to Joey’s to see the remodeling of his latest acquisition and then meet up with my sister and a couple friends for lunch. I think that’s it for the season.

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