Party Animal

I am officially in social overload mode. I am one of those rare, pain in the ass, Grinch like people who really doesn’t like the traditional holiday season. Dread is a more accurate description. We now have parties on Friday, two on Saturday, and an invitation to another “get together” on Sunday. I peak at one a month so I’m now operating totally nonlinear. To make it even nicer, none of these events are located within 50 miles of here and are close to my current bladder limit. I got a tick bite on Tuesday, well actually found and pulled it off on Tuesday – think it latched on a day or two earlier – and got to thinking it might somehow get me a party reprieve but it seems to be healing. Then on Tuesday Nancy came down with some ailment that sent her to the Pierson Clinic for a shot and a prescription – thought that might yield the reprieve. No rain in the forecast to allow the “storm” gambit; no freeze in the offing that would force me to stay in the garden keeping it warm; the specs aren’t biting – everybody knows I hang in tight when the specs are biting; by spreading out the garden, no harvesting emergency; with 3 motor vehicles, a sick car doesn’t cover me. This is looking bad, bad, bad. When I was working, I would simply schedule loads of trips randomly through the season and could conjure up emergency trips at any hint of a social engagement, particularly a neighborhood event. That worked well because Nancy would attend and have the sympathy of the crowd for having the husband who had to fly to India; or Finland one year; Japan another.

My official speculation on the Republican nomination process is: none of the above. I think someone totally off the grid will be drafted/nominated at the convention. Some straight talker like Alan Simpson of Wyoming, if his health is ok, would fill the bill. That could be a good strategy because a new person would likely take off like a rocket and not be subject to a year of sniping or second thinking. That Jersey guy could probably be drafted although it’s hard to imagine a politician from Jersey without a back story. I just have to believe there’s a back room plan being formulated.

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