Pizza night

I need a new high tech device. A TV remote that responds to voice searches – “Remote, where the hell are you”. Then it beeps or whistles or sings the star spangled banner depending upon the option you choose.

Tonight is Pizza night. Lest you conjure up an image of a Domino’s delivery, put your mind at ease. This will be truly a one of a kind, Dr. Oz approved kind of Pizza. Six grain Tuscan crust topped with a fresh garden mix including baby White eggplant, Big Bertha green pepper, Bright Lights Swiss Chard, Calabrese broccoli sprouts, and chopped White Wing onion, all sauteed into an exotic home made tomato sauce and lightly topped with a mix of Italian cheeses. Served with a salad of Danyelle lettuce and thinly sliced Champion radishes. I might even go all in and crack a bottle of cheap Dago red wine. You’ve heard the term “Catch of the Day” – our pizza is “Pick of the Day” pizza.

Got another gratifying tip from a Florida vegetable gardening site. It listed varieties that were best suited for the Florida climate and when it got to celery it said no varieties grow well in Florida. I haven’t been particularly happy with the celery crop in the past and decided against doing it at all this year so hearing it from an expert sure made me feel better. So the word from the experts so far is stay away from beets and celery. I do have two varieties of beets in the ground but have had no luck at all in past seasons and if these follow in the same path, no mas.

Here’s a major disconnect. Personally I don’t think electric cars make any sense. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t exist, just that they don’t make much sense. If somebody wants to make a statement and buy one, have at it. So who are the people most likely to buy in – wealthy libs. Example: try hollywood elites. I’m still ok with that – if it’s their money and they want to drive electric, so be it. But why are the taxpayers subsidizing them? Subsidizing them with a $7500 grant to purchase the car and subsidizing them by installing charging stations at taxpayer expense. Subsidizing the manufacturers with grants and tax holidays, and taxpayer guaranteed low interest loans? Isn’t this a reverse Robin Hood – taking from the masses and giving to the rich? I’m not ok with that. Wonder if the Occupy Hollywood crowd – the Streisand/Sheen/Baldwin set – are displaying signs decrying this practice? Haven’t seen any so chances are they’re all getting the subsidies and driving around in Electric style.

Another disconnect. The pres stopped (again) the Canadian pipeline. Tossing out the job issue, does he think the Canadians are just going to leave the oil sitting in the ground? Isn’t it incredibly clear that the end result will be building the pipeline over the Rockies and on to a west coast port such as Vancouver where it will be tankered down the west coast and through the Panama Canal then over to Europe; or to East Coast refineries; or directly west to Japan and China. Is that better environmentally? It would seem to me that every tanker load that can be piped from Canada would eliminate a tanker from the middle east or from Canada in the future. Seems to me that a pipeline break on land would be much easier to contain, control and cleanup than a tanker accident. Talk about disconnects. The decision did actually surprise me. Jobs are a big issue and killing the 20,000 potential jobs claimed seems counter intuitive to me; ditto replacing Arab oil with Canadian oil. This one’s going to come back to haunt him, everywhere but Nebraska I guess.

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