Back on the lake

Got the new/reconditioned electric trolling motor. As I suspected, it looks brand new. What happens is that people order an electric motor and find out that it doesn’t have enough thrust to do the job – too big a boat for the motor they ordered. It’s 40# thrust which is perfect for my 14′ flat bottomed boat but many folks aren’t familiar with thrust required vs boat size requirements and order the cheapest thing they think will work. I could actually get by with 30# but I like the extra thrust when I have a storm move in and have to get across the lake just a bit faster. This new motor is quieter than the one it’s replacing and pushes me along just fine. I was really impressed when it arrived 3 days after I ordered it. Now for the bad news – I didn’t catch any fish on it’s maiden voyage. What’s that all about??

How can they call it the Big East Conference with San Diego State, Boise State, Houston and SMU as new members? Seems like maybe Cross Country Conference would make more sense. Bet they change the name after the first meeting of the new lineup. The folks who have season tickets to the Colorado Gators are sure getting their money’s worth – 5 quarters for the price of 4.

Another unusual natural event happening. I think I mentioned a while back that we seemed to have more acorns dropping than I’ve ever seen – supporting my belief that this is what has the bears roaming. All of a sudden we have more pine cones dropping than ever. There are usually a few on the ground, year round but for the past couple of weeks, they are dropping at an incredible rate. When they drop on sheds, roofs, through tree branches they sound like bombs falling. I haven’t been hit by one but have actually had some near misses and that gets the juices flowing.

Got the Flower Sprout seed and into the potting soil within hours. I’m only trying a few this season for a couple of reasons. The garden is virtually full and I hate to waste much space on something not tried and true. Also, it’s late. This is a long crop and if everything goes exactly to plan, we’ll have sprouts in early April. That’s when the weather starts warming up and this vegetable, a combination of cold weather varieties, was designed by Brits so you know they’d never consider heat a problem.

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