He’s baaaaaaaack

My premise that somebody shot the marauding bear was wrong or we have another one. For the past week we’ve been visited several nights and those less careful than us, have had their trash cans dumped. My new neighbor found himself up close and personal to a large black bear the other night. He was out in his shed putting a battery charger on his mower and hear some rustling and rumbling nearby. He pointed his flashlight in that direction and the beam lit up the intruder about 50′ away. Way too close. Personally, I’ve had no problems at all since I started putting the trash can in the shed until pickup day. I just don’t particularly like the idea of these guys wandering around in the dark and hoping they don’t decide to come into our screen porch. I’ve noted that we’re the only ones around that have a granite gravel driveway and parking area. It’s really uncomfortable to walk on barefoot or with flimsy foot protection so perhaps the bear prefers nice asphalt or dirt to nasty, sharp gravel. Don’t hold your breath waiting for me to post a pic of the bear. Not going to happen unless I find him dead in the yard with buzzards picking at the carcass – that way I’ll assume it’s really dead and not trying to fake me out.

I mentioned a few posts back that some 2008 vintage beet seeds I planted had germinated well so I tried some spinach seed from the same year. After almost 2 weeks zip, nada, zero. I just happen to have another pack of spinach seeds, same vintage, different variety, unopened so I’m going to try again. In the back of my mind I seem to recall something about spinach seed needing to be “fresh” but nothing lost by trying again. It’s such a short crop anyway that if this pack fails too, I can drop by the local ACE hardware and pick up a fresh pack. Also it looks like a variety of the swiss chard I planted, called perpetual spinach, is doing just fine so if a spinach crisis happens while I’m playing around with old seed, I’ll be able to rush in with a rescue.

The pic shows the greenhouse full of seedlings growing their little hearts out and yearning for the big time garden experience. There are six 18 position flats and I’ll have another one to add next week. One of these is a mix of stuff that I’ve put together for an old friend in Altamonte who celebrates his 80th net month. He still piddles around in the yard and his wife says he’ll enjoy growing some new veggies. Nancy will tie a ribbon around the flat to make it official. Two weeks from now, the moves from the greenhouse will start. Unless we get a freeze between now and then, I’ll have to pull out a couple of eggplants to make room. The plants designated for sacrifice are from the original planting and just running out of gas albeit still popping out a few. full-greenhouse

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