Cole slaw and cranberry sauce

My assignments for the Thanksgiving festivities (at Tom’s) were to make the cranberry sauce and for the birthday party the next day, Dutch Cole Slaw. The latter because we have a long position in cabbage at this point. Nancy was at bridge so I had the whole kitchen to myself and could really cut loose with no concerns for where things were falling, flying, dripping etc. The cranberry sauce was pretty standard, follow the instructions on the label, kind of cooking. I did add a few tangerine sections to make it just slightly different.

The cole slaw was quite a different task and involved using the Cuisinart with two different blades. The recipe didn’t say that but I didn’t like the first one I picked. In fact the recipe didn’t mention using using the Cuisinart at all. It just seemed like the right thing to do. It needed a little ingredient help so I added a couple of shredded carrots and a handful of shredded radishes. Why not, I happen to have plenty of both and think a touch of red adds some seasonal color. I thought about a micro inch or so of a ghost pepper but decided that was literally playing with fire. Another subtle difference is that I used two varieties of cabbage, Early Jersey Wakefield, a heritage variety, and Farao, a modern hybrid. My Chinese cabbage is just not ready or it would have really been different. Would it still be Dutch cole slaw if it included Chinese cabbage? What a mess. I had bits and pieces of everything all over the kitchen. I have trouble judging what size pots or bowls to use so I end up using more than necessary and ended up with a sink full plus needing cleaning. I think I’ve cleaned it all up before Nancy gets home but she’ll probably spot a sliver or two of whatever on the floor, on the counter, on the ceiling…..

Pulled out the ghost peppers and redesigned that area of the garden to add about 50SF. That used about 3/4 of the finished compost so I still have a few cubic feet to distribute around. The picture shows a bowl full of peppers, mostly ghost but a couple of jalapenos from a bush I had forgotten. All in all I’ve picked half a dozen bowls of the ghost peppers, far more than I ever expected. The plants I pulled were loaded with small, green peppers and blossoms so I suspect they would have continued producing until the weather brought an end to it all. I’d just rather see the same space producing lettuce and I know the ladies at the bridge club and quilting club will be happier.
This will be the last compost mention for a while. I completely used the most mature pile and then transferred the contents of the currently active pile – that would be the one receiving new inputs – into the empty slot and then shut that pile down to new input. In about 90 days it should be ready to use – mid February. Doesn’t sound like much when you write it down but it took a couple of hours and wore me to a frazzle. My neighbor, the clipping nazi, had been trimming around her house and produced a substantial pile of new material so I already have a start for the empty bin. It’s virtually impossible for me to keep up with Barbara 100% without the aid of the burn pile, which gets brought into service when the piles just get too big for me to deal with. The picture shows the empty bin after loading the garden along side the active pile. The next picture shows the bins after the transfer and with the new pile started (left side bin). That bin gets all the new input while the bin on the right just sits there and decomposes. Well, it doesn’t just sit there. I try to turn it over twice a week to keep it aerated and cooking. You’ll notice I move the wheelbarrows to block that side and signal Nancy and Barbara to use the left side for all new materials. As you can tell, I have this down to a finely oiled machine like operation.
Still trying to digest the news that Urban Meyer is moving to Ohio State. Now I know how the Ute fans felt even though that move was more understandable as a career uptick.

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