Cold weather crops

I have a great idea for solving some of the California budget problems. Scale back about half the judicial system. You can’t miss the Lohan trials and tribulations in which she does pretty much what she wants, ignores whatever the court orders and spends a couple hours in jail every now and then. My idea is to adjust the head count in the judicial system to fit with the sentencing guidelines – avoid all the court costs and administrative costs associated with booking, debooking, and whatever other meaningless formalities they go through. If the jails are too crowded then why spend the money running people through the system at all? I would suggest a high tech solution. Give them home arrest with one of those ankle bracelets. My ankle bracelet would subject the violator to a million volt jolt if they left the confines of their home.

I really didn’t feel I could vote for Herman Cain (unless he was running against Obama) because of his tax plan but now that Gloria All Red is after him, I might have to support him through the primaries. I bounce back and forth between her and Nancy Pelosi as to which one is the real wicked witch of the west.

I’m feeling so confident about the planted crops surviving that I am giving away my store of spare plants. A couple of Nancy’s quilting buddies will plant the chard and Brussels I have left over. If I keep them, I’ll end up planting them which will give me an overload and take up space I could use for something different.

As hard as it is to believe, I am starting the next round of seeds for this cool season without picking any of the first round yet. We’ll be picking cabbages and probably some broccoli by the end of this month which starts to free up space for new stuff so the timing is critical. Since the plants actually make it to the garden 5-6 weeks from when I start the seeds, now’s the time to get those going. Lovin’ the green house! I started the real cool loving (or heat hating) lettuce today. Our favorite is a butterhead variety called Sylvesta and last year we added something called Flashy Oak. Both are really tender, tasty varieties. Another 20′ row of Snow peas goes in tomorrow and a beet patch the end of the week. This wave of planting will carry us through March with a continuous flow. Every month I pop in a few square feet of carrots, beets and onions.

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