Gator victory?

I knew this was going to be a tough year for Gator fans but no idea it would be this bad. They managed to just squeak by Vanderbilt. Had they lost, it would have been the first time since Harry Truman was president. What I’m wondering is whether there are already some feelers out for a new coach. I suspect the pecking order will be to get rid of Weiss first. What were they thinking when they picked a Notre Dame reject. The good news is that the worst part of the schedule is behind them – I guess that’s good news. If you lose to Alabama or LSU this year, nobody thinks too much of it but a loss to one of these scruffs would be unforgivable.

I seem to be recovering ok from the recent surgery but have a big milestone ahead of me. Will I be able to sit comfortably in the poke boat for spec season? With the lake level so much below normal, I’m not expecting much of a fishing season but still, I want to be able to do my part. Getting in and out is tricky, made even more so in the cold weather.

I did a quick pass in the garden to make sure it survived the week I was gone. Other than a few armadillo digs in non critical spots, everything looked ok. I have a few hours work to bring it current but George has kept up with it just fine. I need to add the seaweed to the compost pile and turn it all, pull out the oldest two eggplants to make room for new cauliflower seedlings which are cramped a bit and ready for the big time, and do a bit of thinning.

Picked the first of the lettuce and some radishes – so we’re entering the salad season in style. I’d estimate that by the end of the month we’ll be at the front end of cole slaw season as well, which runs pretty much through April. The kale is pickable but not sure what to do with it. I grow it for two reasons – my neighbor likes it and it really dresses up the garden. I am a bit concerned because Nancy is talking about cooking it and I know I’ll hate it. Her mother used to make it and I can’t recall eating anything her mother made that really hit the spot with me.

Does anybody like this clock change thing? I hate it getting dark so early. Seems like a waste of good sunshine to have it happen at 6AM. If I’m elected I’ll have it get light at 7AM and dark at 7PM.

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