At the Beach

The pic is the tangerine tree I’ve mentioned as being loaded with ripe fruit way early. I decided to try one, expecting it to be fairly sour, but surprise, it was pretty good. We can’t begin to keep up with them but this year I’m going to aggressively juice them. That uses lots of fruit which otherwise end up dropping, rotting, and eventually hitting the compost pile.

As of the end of October, the garden is planted out except for 20SF. There’s about 100 more SF that will be plantable by the end of next month or sooner if we had a surprise early frost that kills off the eggplant and peppers. I’m really feeling good about the season because there is a wide variety of veggies and lots of time spacing so the eating season will be much better than past seasons. It’s way too soon to opine the final count or quality but I still have small seedlings in the works for December planting so I should be able to keep the table full on through July. October has been more or less perfect in terms of temp and overcast skies so the percentage of transplants that made it is higher than usual.

First beach report – Saturday. Tom came up with us and basically moved all the stuff from the car up to the house. That made this the easiest trip ever. The surf is rough, the wind is blowing and the Gators lost. What else is there? Chicken was good at the Pantry. I can tell already I’m going to have to work hard at it – just getting the bait to sit still in the water is going to be a task. Bring it on.

Sunday AM – The surf is about as rough as I’ve seen it – right up to the berm and suds blowing face high. There is no “wading” in the surf and you have to keep one eye open for flotsam (or maybe it’s jetsam) ramming through the water. I made a few dozen casts to no avail. The wind is coming directly onshore at 25 mph at least So it’s really tough to get any distance at all. If this was an offshore breeze, I’d be casting to Portugal. I’m ok with the rough water so as soon as the wind abates, I’ll be pounding it hard. What you don’t want is your spoon hooking up on one of those flotsam guys. I know if I do hook a fish it will be a big one. Only a big one could swim in this surf.

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