A new favorite pie

Starting to get excited about our beach week coming up the first of November. I’m feeling better and positive I will be able to fish my little heart out. With the particular ailment I have, just wading a little deeper in the surf could make it all work out just fine. All the fishing reports say the blues have moved into the surf and are the biggest in years – lots of 5 and 7 pound fish being caught on spoons. I’m all over that. The weather guys are predicting a storm next weekend and I’m not sure how to feel about that. First these guys are wrong so often that a storm prediction could mean a likely chance of good weather. On the other hand, a storm usually roughs up the surf which is a good thing for blues. One thing for sure, I’ve dealt with it all before and have whatever tackle and fortitude it takes.

Tried a little internet research to determine whether Yeungling or a cheap, red cab was more likely a curative for an ailing prostate. Apparently there’s been no serious research on the subject so I guess that leaves it up to me. I’m still not 100%, using pre-surgery as the 100% mark. I’d say maybe I’m 75% and getting more comfortable every day. Still a little sore, nothing to slow me down, but you really don’t want to be far from a bathroom or equivalent – like alone in the jungle or wading in the surf. Right after the catheter was removed, I had maybe 2 seconds warning – not enough. At this point, with one week past, I have more like 15 seconds. Still not much but, if you move like lightning, ok. I have a close out meeting with the doc on the 27th and hope he tells me this is all transient.

I have a new, all time favorite pie. At the aforementioned birthday bash on Sunday, along with the carrot cake there was a rhubarb pie brought by Paul and Francesca. The carrot cake was cut and was all the dessert we could handle so the pie was cut and distributed for take home eating later. I’ve always known rhubarb pie existed but never tasted it – something about a veggie pie never appealed to me when sitting besides an apple or key lime pie. Last night I polished off the take home piece and can honestly say I’ve missed it all my life and need to make up for lost time. It had exactly that tartness that makes me a fan of cranberry and pomegranate anything.

One thing that has exceeded my expectations are the patio tomato plants. I planted 3 (in one planter) on a lark after getting a free packet of seeds and after the marigolds that had been growing there had played out. I think I’ll pick up another half dozen large planter boxes and use them for flowers early on and then switch to warm weather veggies next fall. It should be easy enough to use the hand truck and roll these guys in and out when the weather demands – usually we have half a dozen or so nights that get too cold. My thought is that green peppers would be ideal since they don’t get too tall and are something we use on, more or less, a continuous basis year round. That plus they get really expensive in January. Basil would be another candidate. You probably wonder why I don’t just go out and do it this year – simple, the planters have all been put away and replaced with Christmas goodies and won’t reappear on the shelves until next spring. Should I mention my plan to Nancy or just assume she’ll be ok when I wheel the planters into the living room? Yeah, she’ll be ok with it – why rock the boat now.

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