Ate a few Sweet potatoes

We were invited out to a “light lunch” on Sunday. I didn’t think too much about it but on 3 or 4 separate occasions, the inviter mentioned the “light lunch” so I got to wondering what is a “light lunch” exactly and how do you prepare for that. Do you eat a giant breakfast. It was scheduled to occur at 2-3PM which further added to the planning difficulty. Should we wait until about 10AM to have breakfast and then take out stuff for a supper when we get home? When I grew up, a Sunday supper often occurred at 2-3PM – not sure what label we gave it other than “dinner” but we ate breakfast as usual, skipped the regular lunch and then had a big meal mid afternoon. If you got hungry at 8PM, you could make yourself a sandwich, maybe from the leftovers, or maybe there was some cake. You can handle all that in your own place but a mid afternoon “light lunch away from home is more problematic.

Not to worry. We had a really great time and the term “light” must have referred to calories since we had plenty to eat – a grilled piece of salmon on a bed of mixed greens and an excellent Greekish, side salad. Who’d have guessed Mark was such a chef. Then it was topped off with a home made carrot cake, perhaps the best I’ve ever had. Oh, and to start off we sat around drinking fine adult beverages and munching on home made German pretzels. Could not have been better.

I’m not sure what was more impressive – the eats or the incredible remodeling job that was done on the back porch. The last time I saw it, it was one each standard Florida screen porch attachment. Now it’s magazine quality. The great part of it was that it was all done creatively using existing things that might have been pitched out by less thoughtful remodelers. Hat’s off to Joey and Mark for the job they’ve done in changing a 50’s style, nothing special house into a real showplace, and for putting together exactly what would work for us in an enjoyable afternoon.

After letting the sweet potatoes dry out for 10 days, we decided to try them. Tasted just like store bought sweet potatoes to me; Nancy thought they were sweeter so they probably are. All in all, I’m calling the experiment a success. Not sure I’m going to do it again though. Mainly because they really take up lots of garden space. On the other hand, they do well in August and September when most other things have crashed so I’ll have to take that into consideration. I think there might be varieties that have more bush like characteristics as contrasted to vining so I’ll do some research before I completely close the door. It would be nice to ping pong between white potatoes and sweet potatoes as the season dictates and with both species, I seem to have broken the code.

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